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We offer range of flyers. You can start choosing your printing options as below :

Letterhead Printing Well-designed letterhead will give your company a professional image as well as reflecting your corporate identity.

Specifications :
Material : Simili Paper / Conqueror Paper
Printing : 1 color / 2 colors / 3 colors / Full colors
Printing Side : Front side


Corporate Folder Printing

To give the impression that you are in the business for years, be sure to include corporate folder printing as part of your marketing needs. Whether your making a proposal to a prospective client or just giving them away, corporate folder printing will surely making a great impression on your business. You can opt for folder with pockets to insert in flyers or relevant materials. The thickness of the material will normally subject to how many materials you need to insert.

Specifications :
Material : Art Card
Printing : 1 color / 2 colors / 3 colors / Full colors
Printing Side : Front side / Back side / Both sides
Finishing : Die Cut Pocket
                      : Matt Lamination / UV Lamination / Spot UV


Printing Computer Forms

NCR business forms are normally the first choice of clients. It eliminates the use of carbon paper. It helps you to ease your work. You may choose between pad form or book form.

Specifications :
Material : NCR Paper / Simili Paper
Printing : 1 color / 2 colors / 3 colors / Full colors
Printing Side : Front side / Back side / Both sides
Finishing : Numbering
                      : Copy Change
                      : Pad Form / Book Form


Label Stickers Printing | Windscreen Car Stickers Printing

Label Stickers can build identity, present your product and messages effectively. The material used will depend on the usage of your products and the surface of your products. We have a range of materials for you to choose from.

Specifications :
Material : Mirrorkote / Simili Sticker / Polyester / etc.
Printing : 1 color / 2 colors /3 colors / Full colors
Printing Side : Front side
Finishing : Gloss Lamination / UV Lamination
                      : Die Cut Shape


Printing Envelopes

Remember to order envelopes to complement your letterhead as well. At Flyers King, you can choose variety sizes of envelopes. The common one are as below

Specifications :
Size : 4.5" x 9.7" / 9" x 12"
Material : Normal Brand / Winpaq / White / Brown
Printing : 1 color / 2 colors / 3 colors / Full colors
Printing Side : Front side / Back side / Both sides
Finishing : With Window / No window
                      : Peel & Seal
                      : Glue


Calendars Supplier | Printing Calendars

Be sure to show your appreciation to your valued customers by printing calendars and notebooks from Flyers King. We have various designs to choose from which suits to your needs. If you have larger quantity, you can actually opt for custom designs to showcase your company products at the same time

Specifications :
Notebooks / Notepads

Specifications :
CALENDAR : Wall Hanging / Desktop Calendar / Pocket Calendar / Plastic Calendar / Tent Calendars, etc


Various Sizes of Posters can be printed according to your needs. Common sizes are as follow:
Size : 20" x 30" / 16.6" x 24"
Material : 157gsm art paper / 128gsm art paper / 210gsm art card, 230gsm art card
Finishing : UV Varnish, Gloss Laminate / Matt Laminate / Spot UV

Premiums supplier | newsletter printers | Greeting Cards Supplier | Annual Reports Printing

Contact us if you have any other inquiries. At Flyers King, we can do Premiums items, Namecards, Newletters, Annual Reports, Greeting Cards, Invitation Cards, Posters, Packaging Box, Paper bags, Newsletters, Books, Magazines, etc
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Premiums Items
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